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About the Automated Bus Consortium

An association of transit and transportation agencies has formed the Automated Bus Consortium, a collaboration designed to investigate the feasibility of implementing automated bus projects across the United States. The Consortium is a first-of-its-kind approach to accelerate the development of automated transit technologies and will combine the purchasing power and collaborative decision-making of these founding transit agencies nationwide. If implemented, the pilot projects will use full-sized, full-speed, accessible buses and enable Consortium members to collectively demonstrate and deploy automated technologies in live service environments.


Deploy full-size, full-speed, accessible, Level 4 automated battery electric buses in a variety of geographies and applications to advance the industry understanding of the technology. Leverage the technology to improve:


Program Framework

Transfer proven automated shuttle technology to full-size buses while creating a market for vendors to cost-effectively produce automated buses through a joint procurement of buses by the Consortium’s member agencies.


Technology Assessment

AECOM will continue to invest in a technology assessment of automated transit technologies to better assess the industry, market trends, and technology.


A Consortium of Transit Agencies

Multiple transit agencies will join the program to jointly procure automated, full-size, full-speed, and accessible buses.


Automated Bus Deployment Program

AECOM will act as the Program Manager to define, procure, deploy and evaluate emerging automated transit technology.


Technology Deployment in Multiple Pilot Projects

If feasible, the Consortium will deploy the vehicles in a variety of environments and share lessons learned for future technology planning.

Potential Value of Consortium

Accelerate Technology Development
and Deployment

Reduce Planning and Procurement Costs

Stimulate Technology Demand

Shared Lessons Learned


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