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Bus Specification Development

  • The ABC Bus Specification development continues to move forward
  • ABC Bus Specification & Procurement Committee met on 12/11/19 in Houston, TX
    • AECOM facilitated a work session to review the draft ABC Bus Specification and come to consensus on options and elements to be included in the specification
    • Committee reviewed input received to date from Industry on the draft Automated Driving System (ADS) Specification
    • Committee reviewed and modified:
      • Base ABC Bus Specification (with Electrification)
      • Automated Driving System (ADS) Specification Version 3.1 with 3-Stage approach to provide automation for pilot projects
    • Other key items discussed:
      •  Testing requirements for bus procurement RFP
      •   Lead ABC procurement agency
    • Upcoming Schedule of activities:
      • Conduct follow-up meeting with bus manufacturers in January/February 2020 for additional input on draft specification
      • Revise draft specification based on input
      • Review and approve revised draft with Bus Spec Committee in February 2020

Consortium Updates:

  • AECOM conducted agency site visits and working sessions in October and November to further define the proposed pilot projects related to implementation, operations and maintenance.

  • The Planning & Operations Committee met on 11/13/19 to review and discuss the proposed pilot projects, electrification options, funding, roles and responsibilities and project risks.

  • The Policy Committee met on 12/4/19 to review and discuss the bus procurement structure, lead procurement agency, federal funding, agency decision making process for participation in Phase 2, and the addition of other possible agencies to the Consortium.

  • Pilot Project Feasibility Study reports with project findings are currently being prepared for each ABC agency and are expected to be finalized in February 2020.

Please Contact Us for more information on the ABC program and for a copy of the draft automated bus specification.

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