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ABC Agencies Approve Release of Final Bus Specification

  • The consortium has reached a major milestone with completion of the final Level 4 automated bus specification and bus vendor Request for Proposals (RFP). After approval by the ABC Bus Specification and Procurement Committee in December 2021, the ABC Policy Committee approved to authorize the State of Michigan to release the RFP to the industry at its meeting held on January 18, 2022.
  • Please Contact Us for more information on the ABC program and for a copy of the automated bus specification.

ABC Phase 2A

  • ABC began Phase 2A of the program in September of 2020 primarily focusing on the completion of the Level 4 automated bus specification, followed by the bus procurement vendor selection process currently underway. Other key activities included:
      • Identifying the State of Michigan as lead ABC procurement agency
      • Defining testing requirements and deployment strategies
      • Developing Automated Driving System (ADS) testing scenarios
      • Agency site visits and confirmation of pilot projects
      • Preparing agency Operations and Maintenance plans
      • Identifying electrification charging needs
      • Identifying regulatory requirements
      • Preparing agency financial plans
      • On-going Committee Meetings

ABC Phase 1 Feasibility Studies

  • Pilot project feasibility studies were conducted for each ABC agency including assessment of candidate pilot routes and selection of a top pilot project.
  • Download summaries of ABC member pilot routes and operations plans to learn more.

ABC Phase 2 Schedule

  • Phase 2B of the program begins once member agencies finalize decisions on contracting for procurement of Level 4 automated buses. Key activities will include bus manufacturing, testing, pilot route preparations and agency launch date planning.
  • Download the ABC Phase 2 Implementation and Evaluation schedule to learn more.

Please Contact Us for more information on the ABC program and for a copy of the draft automated bus specification.

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